Think future! Think Big! Think Big Data!

We are a US based company, headquartered in New York, providing IT Training globally. Whether you are in USA, in India, in Europe, no matter where you are, we can train you.

We specialize in training people to become Big Data Consultants, Oracle and SQL Server Database Administrators.

Big Data sector is exploding, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide, pulling in millions in business investment. If you want to learn one emerging IT skill, think Big Data. If you want to establish yourself with a highly rewarding career for the next few years, think Big Data.  We will teach you Big Data. We will transform you into highly successful Big Data Consultants.

It’s also an industry accepted fact that Oracle and SQL Server DBA’s are always in high demand any year.  They get paid one of the top salaries in IT sector. DBA training is also an expertise that we are extremely skilled at.

We are here to help you build your career, whether it is in the emerging Big Data sector or in the traditional red-hot Oracle / SQL Server Database Administration sector.

Our experts from New York will conduct the training over gotomeeting interactive live sessions. 

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Big Data Architect Workshop  
Hadoop Administrator Workshop
Big Data NoSQL Database Architect Workshop
Oracle DBA – SQL Fundamentals Workshop
Oracle DBA – Administrator Workshop 1
Oracle DBA – Backup and Recovery Workshop 
Oracle DBA – Performance Tuning Workshop
SQL Server DBA Workshop

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